LGBTIQA+ inclusion for small and medium businesses

About Us

Tiny Pride was founded by people from across the spectrum of the LGBTIQA+ community based in Regional and Rural Victoria. Our team brings a diverse wealth of expertise and professional experience, including social work, youth work, law, nursing, disability, paramedicine, medicine, accounting, marketing, project management and business analysis. When you work with us, we don't just bring our professional skill set - we also bring our lived experience and expertise from across the breadth of our community.

Organisations are increasingly thinking about their role in being safe and inclusive spaces for LGBTIQA+ community. When you join our Tiny Pride Community, you're starting a journey of change that will help you to make your organisation safe and inclusive for your LGBTIQA+ staff as well as the community.

Why You Should Join

We understand that organisations want to do better in terms of working with the LGBTIQA+ community and that there’s more to doing that in practice, beyond a single training session or pride sticker. 

To help organisations to embed inclusive ways of working, we provide:

  • An opportunity to undertake a rapid audit of policies, procedures and systems; 
  • Feedback on data collection that ensures the safety, respect and trust for LGBTIQA+ community;
  • Work space and online information review to ensure a welcoming environment for LGBTIQA+ people, including your own workforce;
  • Suggested next steps in terms of specialist professional development and ongoing capacity building, including referral to appropriate training or through the Tiny Pride Mighty Community;
  • A plan for implementation to improve policies/procedures and engagement with LGBTIQA+ community; and
  • The online Tiny Pride Community which is full of resources as well as community experts to help with any emerging issues or barriers.

Thank you to our Tiny Pride Community Members

Mirriyu means the light of the sun today in Wadawurrung language, and that is what Mirriyu Cultural Consulting wish to achieve, historical and current cultural insight in the light of today’s world.

Bonnie Chew, the Director of Mirriyu Cultural Consulting, is a proud Wadawurrung woman with extensive knowledge in Mental Health First Aid, Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management, Reconciliation Action Planning, Incarceration, Genealogy, Health and Education. Mirriyu Cultural Consulting understands the importance of inclusion and diversity and supports the LGBTIQA+ community as a Tiny Pride Member. 

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